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If this is your first dive into the Zen of Soaking, it is best to familiarize yourself with some of the Teachings before attempting any of the Practices/Exercises meant to further one's development as a Water Warrior. Once you are ready, the various Practices below can be used to help tune one's mind, body, and soul to the ways of the enlightened Water Warrior.

"Blame not the equipment when it is you that are the limiting factor." - Z.o.S.

Too often do some believe that the reason for the inability to soak rests solely on the capabilities of their blaster and not the capabilities of the user. The blaster, alone, has no ability without the user. Thus, it is the user that actually defines the full capabilities of the blaster.

This section will look at various recommended exercises to help tune the body and mind towards becoming an enlightened Water Warrior. Due to limited space and time, exercises are discussed rather simplistically and superficially. Before performing any exercise, one should find out as much information as necessary on how to perform some of the suggested exercises properly in order to minimize the risk of injury. Different Practices can be performed as often as one prefers, but for best results, a recommended frequency and duration are suggested for each of the different Exercises. Use wisely at your own discretion.

Suggested Practices :.



Running: Endurance
Running : Sprinting


Strength Training / Toning

Soaker: Filling Practice
Soaker: Balance Training
Soaker: In-Line Training

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