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About This Site :.

The Zen of Soaking (禪水 | 禪湿淋淋) draws some concepts heavily from many teachings found in Zen Buddhism as well as Buddhism in general, but is intended neither to replace nor belittle true Zen Buddhism or any other belief system.  Instead, the Zen of Soaking uses these various systems and ideas to better explain this way of thinking about water warfare. In the Zen of Soaking, we offer thoughts on how to achieve water warfare enlightenment; the path to true enlightenment is far beyond the scope of this site. As for personal belief systems, the Zen of Soaking concepts can comfortably co-exist with most other belief systems. Furthermore, despite making use of some Zen Buddhism ideas, the Zen of Soaking neither encourages or discourages the following of true Zen Buddhism. The Zen of Soaking solely promotes safe, fun, and respectful water warfare that should be enjoyable for anyone of any age anywhere.

We hope you enjoy these pages as they are meant for further promote water warfare while attempting to help those interested take it on to the next level. May they help you become an enlightened Water Warrior!

It should be noted that while primarily masculine terms are found throughout the site, the concepts in The Zen of Soaking are wholly translatable and usable by both males and females. "He/his/him" are primarily used to simplify the writing, but the feminine terms "she/hers/her" could have just as well been used.

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Site Developments:.

The site, itself, remains incomplete and constantly changing. There is no news or "What's New" page, per se, but new additions to the site will be noted often by a Messages posting.

A Brief History Behind the Site :.

The original Zen of Soaking articles first appeared on the Elite section of iSoaker.com. It was originally comprised of a series of eight articles that made use of some Zen concepts, but did not adequately explain much of the foundation behind the concepts. Teachings and Practices were intermixed and much less refined. As the Elite section of iSoaker.com had long since been removed, the articles remained mostly untouched until recently. However, after much thought and consideration and as the articles were in dire need of updating, it was felt that the of iSoaker.com site would simply not serve as a fertile space upon which these concepts could fully bloom. Consequently, this domain and webspace were acquired to serve as a new home towards the full development of the Zen of Soaking. This site aims to further The Zen of Soaking ideaology by adding in enhanced background rationale, more exercises and practices as well as the Koans (i.e. stories/parables) to further a reader's interest and understanding.

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About the Author :.

The Zen of Soaking is written primarily by an individual who is not nor has ever been a practicioner of Buddhism, per se, but does respect and agree with a large subset of Buddhist teachings. However, the site's creatorl considers himself neither a true follower of Buddhism nor even considers he has a full understanding of the full scope of Zen Buddhism in general. That said, this individual possesses a unique perspective on the nature of water blasters and water warfare and feels that some concepts are most easily explained by drawing upon various interesting Zen concepts and using them from a Water Warrior's point of view.

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