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Aerobics :.

Recommended Frequency and Duration :.

Frequency: once every two to three days (can be done daily so long as one's muscles are not notably sore from the previous day)
Duration: when beginning, 15 - 30 minute sessions are a good start; can be increased as desired

Overview :.

Aerobics offer similar benefits to the Water Warrior as endurance running. Of course, running tends to strengthen a certain set of muscles while aerobics is typically more full body encompassing, but the primary goal and benefit of both activities is increased stamina on the water warfare field.

Aerobics are typically held in groups at local gyms, if available. Beginners should try out low impact classes to get a feel for things before attempting any high-impact or step classes. Others may prefer following video instructions in the privacy of their homes if aerobics-classes are not for them. Like running, beginners should start off slow and work on improving their performance before attempting the harder exercises.

If aerobics classes or videos are not available or preferrable, one can also simply opt to go for a brisk walk for 10 to 20 minutes. If walking is preferred, one should not only walk using one's legs, but one should have one's arms swing a little more forcefully in time with one's stride such that one's upper body muscles are also benefitting from this low-impact activity. As one gets stronger, when time and energy permit, one should choose to go for longer brisk walks upwards of 45 to 60 minutes total.

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