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Soaker: In-Line Training:.

Recommended Frequency and Duration :.

Frequency: once every two to three days (can be done daily so long as one's muscles are not notably sore from the previous day)
Duration: when beginning, 15 - 30 minute sessions are a good start; can be increased as desired

Overview :.

Place two targets about 50m (160') apart. Targets should be approximately 10cm (4") in diameter and about 90-150cm (3'-5') off the ground. Enough water in bottles should be available for 3-5 full refills of the blaster of choice.

The exercise comprises of pumping up your blaster of choice, running to one of the targets and unloading a full shot at it. Then, running while pumping up towards the other target, again unloading a full shot at it. This should be repeated until the blaster is out of water, at which time it should be refilled as quickly as possible and the exercise resumed. After completing the set 3 - 5 times, relax. If possible, it is good to time how long it takes to complete the set. You can also rate yourself based on your aim as well as how much water you manage to unload after each successive shot/run. This exercise improves both concentration, stamina, familiarity with a chosen blaster, aim as well as speed and agility.

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