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Running - Endurance :.

Recommended Frequency and Duration :.

Frequency: once every two to three days (it is best to have at least a day of rest between longer runs)
Duration: when beginning, 15 - 30 minute sessions are a good start; can be increased as desired

Overview :.

Running has been split into two subtypes due to the difference in how the body must perform to excel at each type. The purpose of endurance running is, as the name suggests, to increase a Water Warriors ability to run further at a good pace with less fatigue. This would ultimately allow a Water Warrior to keep up a moderate pace on the battlefield for an extended period of time while less trained individuals would grow weary and show significant Soaking performance drops.

For endurance running, it is best to run with a friend through a familiar, pre-determined course. If you are a beginner, you can start with running for a few minutes, then walking for a few, then repeating this cycle until the end-point. When attempting to increase one's endurance, one should not be running at one's top speed, but rather at a comfortable pace, but not just simply walking. A good starting course length to run would be about 1.6 km or about 1 mile. If fatigue seems to set in earlier, one can opt to walk for a bit to catch one's breath, but one should always strive to complete the chosen course at a steady pace. As one gets stronger, you will have to walk less of the time. Then, when the initial course loses its challenge, the route should be extended such that one continues to work on improving stamina.

The Next Level :.

After one becomes comfortable running a few kilometers/a couple of miles without needing to slow down, revisit the initial chosen running route, but this time, carry one's fully loaded water blaster along for the run. The added weight and change in one's center of gravity will up the difficulty of this exercise. It will also have one become more comfortable holding and moving with a water blaster for longer periods of time.

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