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Meditation :.

Recommended Frequency and Duration :.

Frequency: at least once a day, but can be more if desired and time permits
Duration: when beginning, 5 - 15 minutes is a good starting point and can be increased, comfort and time permitting.

Overview :.Meditation

This is one activity which is not recommendable to do during a battle or confrontation (for obvious reasons), but can be extremely useful to do during non-combat times. It should come as no surprise that this is the first recommended activity of Zen of Soaking. Meditation trains one to clear one's mind of wandering thoughts and focus on the absolute truth or all. The ability to focus and clear one's mind allows one to remain unphased by groups of hostiles, loud noises, surprises, or unimportant distractions. Through the enhanced ability to focus, one will have be able to think, rationalize, and react purposefully under conditions others would find impossible to concentrate in.

A good way to begin meditating is to find a nice, peaceful, familiar place and sit down with legs crossed, hands at your sides. At first, close your eyes and relax, listening to your breathing. Breath calmly in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Continue for at least 5 minutes to 15 minutes or until you no longer feel comfortable. More experienced individuals may no longer need to close their eyes while meditating. Others may have their own preferred way. At any rate, meditation is a good mental-strengthening exercise and does prove invaluable to the Water Warrior.

Options :.

There are many positions one can also use for meditation including:

  • seated, cross-legged; hands at either side
  • seated, cross-legged; hands together in one's lap
  • seated, cross-legged; hands as fists by one's side, arms bent behind the torso
  • seated, cross-legged; hands and arms forward, palms outward facing, tips of middle fingers touching
  • seated on a chair; hand positions varied as above
  • arch stance (feet roughly twice-shoulder-width apart; knees bent close to 90-degrees); hand positions varied as above
  • standing (feet shoulder width apart); hand positions varied as above
  • standing, back flat against wall; hands either hanging along either side or arms forward, palms facing outwards

Super Soaker SS 50 shadowWhen beginning, some may find it easier to close one's eyes when meditations. However, one need not have one's eyes closed and can also successfully meditate with eyes open, blinking as needed. For some, having a stationary object to look at and focus one's gaze upon initially may assist one when attempting eyes open meditation.

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