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The Zen of Soaking

"Clearing one's mind of doubts and prejudices is the foundation of being able to see the true path of the Water Warrior." - Z.o.S.

To understand the Zen of Soaking, one does not begin with weaponry or even with tactical knowledge. The innate ability lies within the Individuals, themselves, being in the right state of mind and body both on and off the water war field. Different Individuals progress at their own rates towards true understanding limited solely by themselves. There is no single path or need speed to attain Water Warrior enlightenment; all that is needed is the willingness and perserverence to follow the guiding principles that provide the basis through which enlightenment can be achieved.

(Note: For simplicity, the masculine form may be used, i.e. "he" and "his" when referring to the Individual, but this is not to disciminate against any female Individuals. This is done merely to simplify the writing of these documents.)

The objectives are simple: soak one's opponents without getting soaked :.

To soak another effortlessly with technique and beauty is something only the skilled Water Warrior can accomplish. There is much more to achieving a successful soak than simply getting one's opponents wet. Within these following pages, we will explore the art of Soaking and all its innate beauty.

The Root of Soaking: Water :.

water droplet

To understand the deeper meaning of the Zen of Soaking, one must better understand the root of soaking: Water. Water is one of the primary necessities of life on the planet as well as the fundamental substance used by the Water Warrior to achieve his end goal. The water blaster, the water balloon, the hose, and the sprinkler would remain useless without the Water they contain. Yet, with Water alone, a successful soak can be accomplished. Water is shapeless and enigmatic. The Water Warrior, in order to achieve his goals, must understand Water by becoming like Water. Water flows and can feel soft, yet is virtually non-compressable and hard if struck. Water is clear and colourless, yet can be blinding when in a mist form or as a cascade of droplets. Water can lie silent and unmoving or burst forth with a furious roar and speed. Water can be warm and comforting or can be cold and biting.

The enlightened Water Warrior will take the properties of Water unto himself, learning from the immense wisdom contained within those droplets of liquid. Other training guides may begin with with equipment or tactics. The Zen of Soaking begins first with the Individual with all his capabilities and limitation. The various readings throughout the site are meant to help one strengthen one's capabilities and lessen one's weaknesses as a noble Water Warrior.

The most effective Water Warriors are not those who run, screaming into battle with their adrenalin rushing and emotions running high. The true Water Warrior are calm, cool, mindful individuals who possesses ample logic and ideas while having the capability of seeing them through. The greatest hinderance to a successful soak is often not the enemy, rather the enemies within the Individual, himself: uncertainty, irrational behaviour, assumptions, arrogance, physical limitations, etc. These can be overcome with knowledge, practice, patience, and training.

The following qualities offer a simplified breakdown of the enlightened Water Warrior:


Innate for some but can be developed in others, strong logic allows the Water Warrior to make good decisions quickly and effectively. It is the Water Warrior's logical ability which will allow him to overcome the fleeting whims emotion may dictate and allow him to clearly see how to procede in any situation.


This virtue goes hand in hand with logic. Patience gives the Water Warrior time to think before acting. The additional moments spent considering options, routes of attack, escape routes, etc. will often mean the difference between a successful mission and a failed one.


There are many times in which time is limited; this is when true wisdom comes into play. Wisdom can only be gained through experience and allows the Water Warrior to make nearly instantaneous decisions without the need of further deliberated thought. Wisdom also comes into play during planning sessions, allowing the Water Warrior to draw on previous experience to determine which course of action will likely yield the best results. Wisdom, however, does not supercede logic; rather it compliments it, allowing the Water Warrior to select the most opportune course of action when others of lesser experience would remain uncertain.

Physical Strength:

The Water Warrior need not be the strongest of the pack, but he must possess the strength to handle the equipment he chooses to use with ease. A common mistake of the untrained is to seek out the largest water blaster available, hindering their movement, reducing their effectiveness, and making them an easy target. Others make the mistake of selecting water blasters that simply to not match well with their own capabilities as an Individual. The Water Warrior chooses weaponry based on his own strength and capabilities, adjusting his selection as well to best match the situation at hand.

Speed and Agility:

Being relatively quick and agile can mean the difference between soaking and being soaked. Water Warriors should be able to sprint at a moment's notice or be able to prowl quietly among the underbrush. The enlightened Water Warrior can also take on the aspects of Water, moving as a fluid to dodge an incoming stream or to unleash a volley of Water at the right time to catch his opponent off-guard.

Inner Strength and Vision:

This ability is often overlooked but is, without doubt, most useful of the Water Warrior's abilities. Drawing upon inner strength when needed, the Water Warrior can perform movements and skills beyond their current physical training. Drawing upon inner sight allows the Water Warrior to see and interact beyond merely the physical Water streams into the essence of interactions between himself and the world about. The Chinese concept of qi () fits here quite well; Qi is considered as part of the energy that all living things possess akin to a "life force" or "spiritual energy". The enlightened Water Warrior can sense the qi of his opponents and use his own qi to guide his Water streams to their destination. As fantastical as this may sound, those who have seen it will know it to be true; those who hold tightly their doubts will never be able to open their eyes.

Before the Water Warrior even considers choosing a water blaster, he must be ready in mind and body for the task he has chosen to do. A balance between mind, body, and blaster will allow the Water Warrior to outperform the typical opponent on the battlefield without any difficulty. Use what is learned here wisely for fast, fun, yet effective Soakings.

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