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The Zen of Soaking

"There are those who leave it up to fate. There are those who bring about their destiny." - Z.o.S.

More often than not, the outcome of the situation depends on what was put into it from the start. Physical skills, training, equipment, and knowledge almost appear secondary to what one's mind had envisioned in the first place. Herein lies the challenge of differentiating fantasies and dreams from active creation and direction. Unlike those who fantasize regarding outcomes, those who are confident need not fantasize, rather they need only to orient their thoughts in the direction they would like to go. Of course, this is not some skill that can be attained over night, over a year, or perhaps for some, not even over a lifetime. At the same time, for those who are willing and able to focus their own inner strength outwards, they will find themselves bringing about their desired outcome through force of will, conviction, and determination. However, understanding and developing this skill goes far beyond what can be read. True strength comes from within when one becomes more attuned to oneself and open to all that one is really capable of doing.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind:Meditation

  • Respect one's opponents. All are but mirror images on the playing field
  • Respect one's equipment. One cannot soak without a soaking device.
  • Respect oneself. Know one's limits and capabilities. Draw upon one's strength and learn to compensate for one's weaknesses.
  • Respect the playing field. The field is part of one's home here on the Earth. We only have one planet to live. Cherish it.

Most of all, remember: Soaking is not just for fun and games; Soaking is a way of life.


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