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The Zen of Soaking

"Everyone possesses an inner, pure Water Warrior nature longing to be discovered." - Z.o.S.

Introduction :.


If this is your first dive into the Zen of Soaking, it is best to begin by putting aside everything you feel you know about water blasters and water warfare. One cannot see truth if one has already pre-judged the outcome. Remember, the essence of the Soaking is Water with all its enigmatic, shapeless perfection.

The Zen of Soaking (禪水) is a school of water warfare that holds its emphasis on daily soaking practice and experiential wisdom.  It is only through direct individual experience that one's Water Warrior nature will be discovered. Our focus is not on theoretical knowledge and the study of texts; such pursuits can lead one to seek out external answers and not learn about oneself which is where one's Water Warrior nature resides.  Perhaps ironically, the composition of this site is solely text and imagery, but its goal is to help one learn to look deeper into one's mind and uncover one's Water Warrior nature through meditation and practical soaking exercises.  Concepts and ideas are presented to help individuals find ways such that they can look more completely at their Water Warrior-selves. Through this, one will step closer to true Water Warfare Enlightenment through inner reflection. It should be noted that due to the nature of the self-discovery process required to achieve true Zen of Soaking status, this site will endeavour to cover concepts behind the Zen of Soaking, but detailed descriptions for some aspects will be glossed over, requiring the reader to consult other sources for specifics. If one can gain an understanding of what is involved in order to effectively pursue enlightenment in the Zen of Soaking, one will be able to readily seek out the specific details this site does not cover.

There are no strict texts or particular set of steps or achievements one must fulfil in order to fully understand the Zen of Soaking. The only limitations are those one imposes on oneself. With an open mind, one can choose to begin the journey towards true Water Warfare Enlightenment.

Many make the misjudgement that the largest, most powerful water blaster must therefore be the best water blaster. In the quest for dominance on the water warfare field, it is never the case the most powerful water blaster that rules supreme, rather it is the most capable individual who prevails. Statistics or capabilities of the physical tools used in soaking become inconsequential when compared to those who hold a true passion for and understanding of Water, itself. This site is designed to aid an individual to get closer to achieving pure water warfare enlightenment. However, no amount of reading or performance of exercises in itself will guarantee enlightenment. It is the openness and willingness of the individual that will determine his own path towards becoming an enlightened Water Warrior.

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Basis :.

Paralleling Zen Buddhism which asserts that all sentient beings possess a Buddha-nature (i.e. pure immortal part) lying hidden in the depths of their minds, the Zen of Soaking puts forth that all sentient individuals also possess a pure Water Warrior-nature. Zen of Soaking practitioners attempt to discover and enhance this Water Warrior-nature within themselves through meditation and daily soaking experiences. In doing so, individuals will gain new perspectives on their existence which would ultimately lead to true water warfare enlightenment. Contrary to many other water warfare training regimes, the Zen of Soaking focuses on self-contemplation, self-discovery, and universal awareness as opposed to specific water warfare tactics or water blaster analyses.

The Zen of Soaking also draws upon the Buddhist concept of the Noble Eightfold Path towards enlightenment. For the Zen of Soaking, it becomes the Noble Eightfold Path of the Water Warrior.

Water - Noble Eightfold Path

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