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Without :.

A young student spied upon his Water Warrior Master who was mindfully meditating in the shade of a small tree on a cloudless day. Having never been able to soak the Master during combat, seeing the Master alone without a soaker offered the perfect opportunity to try a sneak attack. The student quickly grabbed one of the soakers in his armoury and headed around the complex to attempt to sneak up on the Master from behind.

Silently, he had made his way around and began his final approach. He was still out of range when the Master spoke.

"Stop with your foolishness now or you will be soaked, not I."

The student paused a moment, shocked that the Master has somehow detected his approach. However, having seen that the Master was unarmed, he opted to step forward.

"You and your soaker are not ready. Do not persist. Set your soaker down and meditate alongside me," the Master spoke calmly, yet assuredly.

Thinking he had managed to finally outwit his unarmed Master, the young student strode forward, rapidly pumping up his soaker in eager anticipation.

Straining hard to push in one more pump, the pressure chamber on his poorly maintained soaker burst, launching high into the air, soaking the student as he was only steps from getting within range. The student set his broken soaker down and sat alongside the Master beneath the tree, humbled by the realization of how much he still needed to learn.

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