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Preparedness :.

The Water Warrior Master appeared on the day of the great battle with no soaker in hand. His competitors laughed, mocking him for his lack of preparation, reminding him that the everyone-for-themselves game they were playing did not allow for blaster stealing or physical contact between players. There were also no freely available blasters to use, either.

"Last one who remains dry still wins?" the Master asked calmly.

"Of course!" the others laughed, prepping themselves for the start of the battle to begin.

Players took to their starting positions on the battlegrounds; the Master walked purposefully towards the center of the clearing. The others, seeing this unarmed target, geared themselves to soak the Master first and deal with the other players afterwards.

The referee appeared, took hold of his whistle, then sounded off the start of the game.

While the other players charged, readying themselves, the Master pulled out a small item from his side-pouch. While the others still remained out of range, the Master opened his umbrella just as it began to rain.

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