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Every Drop :.

The young student ran about recklessly, firing random shots from his water blaster about. The Water Warrior Master noticed the student's reckless behaviour and summoned him over.

"Water is one of the most precious things we have," the Master stated calmly, yet seriously to the student. "You should not waste your water nor waste your time as every droplet and every moment counts. You still need to learn the true value of water."

The Master took the water blaster from the student's hands and emptied its contents over some nearby plants that appeared parched. Then, the Master returned the empty water blaster and directed the student towards a large, shallow pool of clear, clean water.

"Fill your blaster with this," the Master spoke, handing the student a small eye-dropper.

The student stood a moment, mouth partly agape, feeling the weight of the Master's stare on him. Reluctantly, the student took his blaster and eye dropper over to the pool and began to refill, drop by drop.

The Master watched as the student carried out the task, dipping the small dropper into the pool and adding just that little bit more into the reservoir. After nearly an hour, the student had finally finished, but his body ached from kneeling and filling ever so slowly. However, now the student better understood the value of the water his water blaster held.

After that day, the student never wasted another single drop of water.

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