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Then :.

"I should have taken the shot," the student sulked, dripping from his shirt to the ground below.

"But you did not," replied the Master.

"...and now I've been soaked," he cried. "I suck, I quit!"

The Master gave pause to allow the student to calm himself down.

"Have you learned from your mistake?" queries the Master.

"Of course!" stammered the student, "but I'm soaked..."

"That was then, but this is now. Take what you have learned and use it. Why waste your now on then which cannot be undone?"

It was then that the student gained a new perspective on his soaking life. Invigorated, he rose back to his feet to rejoin the game's next sessions.

From that day on, he never let a soak go unanswered and never let being soaked waste precious time enjoying all that is Water Warfare.

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