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Aspects of the Path to Water Warfare Enlightenment :.

The goal and destination remains the same, yet the path depends solely on the individual.

The teachings presented are given to help one expand one's thoughts and ideas about oneself, one's surroundings, and the interactions between the two. The overall path can be summarized simply as follows:

1) to learn as much as one can be taught
2) to forget what one has learned
3) to find one's own natural way


Of course, the phrasing of the words is not quite correct nor is this a purely static listing. Though one needs to begin at step 1, one can return to step 1 as many times as one finds necessary. As for step 2, though the term used is "forget", this does not mean simply to cast aside one's knowledge, rather not to rely on knowledge as a source of information. If you need to think about something before you can act, you have not truly learned what to do. True understanding allows one to act and do the most appropriate action without needing to think, but this can only occur after one has gained enough experiential wisdom. It is not forgetting knowledge in the sense of forgetting where one left one's keys, rather forgetting in the sense of not needing to consciously think in order to make use of the learned knowledge. The third step can only occur once knowledge is truly learned. At step three, it becomes a matter of refining the innate knowledge and adjusting it to one's own qi and rhythm.

Remain open to learning and revising in order to improve oneself and one will be well on one's way to attaining water warfare enlightenment.

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