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Right now represents the accumulation of everything you have ever done. All your successes, all your failures, all your achievements, all the things you opted to neglect, all you have done and have not done have lead up to right now. Where you go from here is filled with limitless possibilities. Will you re-read this? Will you read something else? Will you turn off your computer and go outside or perhaps go outside with your computer? Perhaps eat? Or sleep? Or dream?

But that has yet to come.

And here you are, right now. Reading this article about now.

So is there a point to all this? But, of course.

Now is the only time you have to do what you wish to do. Everything you had chosen to do before is in the past. Everything you still yearn to do remains an unrealized possibility, but only a possibility, not a definite outcome. It is only Now that you can act, or not act, or act differently than you had before.

Learn from your past and plan for the future, but you must take now to strive to make the most of this finite existence, for if you choose to forsake now, you cast aside all that you can be.

The Enlightened Water Warrior uses now to its fullest. While you should learn from your past, you should not attempt to live in it. Doing so stifles the true value of now. Past successes or failures mean little to now as starting now you can work to improve or opt to crash. Making mistakes is all about now. The key is to now learn quickly to avoid making the same mistake twice, improve yourself along the way. Succeeding is all about now. But if you choose simply to rest on your laurels, you may find that continued success does not come quite as easily. Learn from your successes in order to increase the likelihood of further success in the future. You can do it. You can start now.

Now is the gift we are given. So what will you do now?

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