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New Beginnings :.

Part of the essence of Zen strives towards simplifying. Life can often present one with a dizzying array of information, those without focus fail to take note of that which are most important. So too does the Zen of Soaking strive to simplify the confusions surrounding water warfare and the water warrior.

As is noted on other pages on the site, the only one who can choose to learn is oneself. What this site aims to do is give one ideas on how to go about figuring out what to focus on and what to disregard, thus striving to gain more from one's experiences as they are.

Doubt, uncertainty, and prejudices must be pushed aside. This site is for helping you develop who you are, thus you will gain by how much you opt to learn and how much you choose to disregard. This is the time and place for you to be honest to yourself about all your strengths and weaknesses; fear not, the only one who need to know these are you.

To become what you can be, you should find out first who you are.

And so this site is born and so we shall begin.

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